What is EMDR Basic Training?

EMDR basic training consists of a total of 50 hours of training. The format is 40 hours is completed in two separate parts: three consecutive eight-hour days. Each part consists of 10 hours of Lecture and 10 hours of Practice. The other 10 hours of training is done in the form of Consultation. Consultation consists of the integration of the theory of EMDR and EMDR skill enhancement. The format can be done individually or as a group, via the phone or computer using Skype. Five hours of consultation is required between weekend 1 and weekend 2 and the other 5 hours is required within 6 weeks of completion of weekend 2. Upon completion of the last 5 hours of Consultation, a certificate of completion will be mailed to participants.

Where will the trainings be located?

Due to Covid-19, EMDRIA set virtual training standards to be in effect until Dec 2021 and space is limited to 9 participants. 

EMDR Basic Trainings are virtual and available where ever you are located.



Face-to-face EMDR trainings will resume when public gatherings have been approved, then Dr. Morrissey will bring this training to your organization or town if there are 10 participants. This will allow you/your organization to save money!  Trainings are also held in downtown Pueblo at The Morrissey Institute located at 301 N Main St (map).

Who is eligible to participate in the training?

Licensed Mental Health Providers, Interns/Students & qualifying licensed Medical Doctors with a specialty in Psychiatry. Qualifying Registered Nurses must have a Master’s Level psychiatric nursing degree AND must be licensed and/or registered through their state or national nursing board.   Qualifying mental health clinicians must have completed a Master level or Doctorate level Graduate Program with a focus in the mental health field (Social Work, Counseling, Marriage/Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Psychiatric Nursing) and also must be licensed or certified through their state or national credentialing board.   Clinicians who have completed a program in one of the following fields must submit detailed information to EMDRIA about the program that they completed to determine their eligibility: Art Therapy and Drug & Alcohol Counseling. These clinicians will also need to submit their current license or certification through their state or national board to determine their eligibility for registering for an EMDRIA Approved Basic EMDR Training.

Qualifying students who are enrolled in a Master or Doctorate level program in the mental health field (Social Work, Counseling, Marriage/Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing) currently involved in the practicum and/or internship portion of the program they are enrolled in (first year students not eligible) and on a licensing track working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health professional. Students who are enrolled in a Master Level program in one of the following fields must submit detailed information about the program that they completed to EMDRIA to determine their eligibility: Art Therapy and Drug & Alcohol Counseling. Students who would like to take the basic training will need to submit the following documentation to determine eligibility for registering for an EMDRIA Approved Basic EMDR Training: completed coursework, practicum or internship hours, current curriculum vita, and letter from current supervisor which includes supervisor’s degree information, licensure information and license number.


  • Identify EMDR’s model, method, and mechanism & differentiate it from other psychotherapeutic models.
  • Learn and understand the neurobiology of how trauma and PTSD impact the brain and the neurobiology of EMDR to help you understand how and why it works.
  • Recognize & incorporate the applications of EMDR.
  • Assess the 8 Phases of EMDR.
  • Identify Advanced EMDR Methods.
  • Interpret potential legal and ethical issues.
  • Recall & recognize the neurobiology of trauma & its impact on brain function & development.
  • Analyze & synthesize EMDR research
  • Engage in practice of EMDR and develop targeting sequence plan.
  • Engage in Consultation to complete the basic training process.

Required Reading

Shapiro, F. (2017).  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing: Basic principles, protocols, and procedures.  New York, NY: The Guilford Press. 

About the Trainer

Michelle Morrissey, PhD, LMFT is an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training Provider, EMDRIA Extra Credit Provider, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant.  Michelle is a program developer and author. She is a 2019 NCU Alumni of the Year finalist, a 2016 EMDR Research Foundation dissertation grant recipient.  In 2013, she was published in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research.  She has trained and consulted with Crossroads, El Pueblo, Sol Vista, Health Solutions, and Private Therapists in Colorado and around the USA.  Michelle has been a guest speaker for Mental Health of America-Pueblo, for Veterans Groups, and Health Solutions on topics of PTSD and EMDR therapy.  She is an expert in the field of trauma, specializing in EMDR therapy to treat Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression and Anxiety, PTSD, and Sexual trauma.  She has worked with several counties DA’s Offices to help victims of crimes receive treatment prior to testimony.  She spends free time reading about advancements in neurobiology, advancements in EMDR therapy, and the neurobiological impact of trauma. 

Michelle’s Contact Information:

Cell phone 719-989-8444        Email: themorrisseyinstitute@gmail.com

Payment Information

We accept credit/debit via square and checks made payable to: The Morrissey Institute, LLC 301 N Main St Suite 306 Pueblo, CO. 81003

Training cost is $1400 and includes the cost of group consultation.  You can make payments or pay in full--Please Contact Barbara at 719-989-8431 to make arrangements.


If you cancel more than 1 week from the training date, the refund is the full amount less $50 for administrative fees. Organizations can make substitutions rather than canceling.  You must complete your training within 1 year of your start date. 

10 Hours of Consultation is Mandatory for Certificate of Completion

Group Consultation is done outside of the training via Zoom or Phone. Consultation is included in the price of the training and the hours are tracked in my EHR.